Speech pathology treatments for adults

e.g. with following disorders and/or diseases


  • Acquired speech impediment as a result of brain damage (aphasia), eg by stroke, cancer, accidents, etc. with disorders of language comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and general communication skills

  • Motor speech disorders with impairment of the articulation in form of a weakened articulation sharpness, even with changes in respiration and voice (dysarthria / dysarthrophonia) causes include progressive diseases such as Parkinson's, ALS, MS

  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia), different cause

  • Facial palsy (facial paralysis) caused by viruses, bacteria, tumors, etc.

  • Hearing impairment and cochlear implant (CI)

  • Communication disorders by decreasing brain function (dementia/Alzheimer's)

  • Speech disorders (apraxia of speech), eg after stroke

  • Voice disorders (dysphonia) too high, too low, weak, hoarse and/or less resilient voice of various causes (etiology)

  • Fluency disorders (stuttering / cluttering)

  • Laryngeal diseases and/or larynx partial or total removal

  • as well as any other speech- and language problems